How To Make Homemade Pizza- A Di Maria & Son

How To Make Homemade Pizza- A Di Maria & Son

Neapolitan Pizza

Welcome to your guide on how to make traditional Neapolitan pizza at home, brought to you by A Di Maria & Son. We’ll show you how to easily create authentic, delicious pizza with quality Italian ingredients. This guide is designed for anyone eager to bring a taste of Italy into their kitchen. 

Let's get started and make some pizza that’s as enjoyable to create as it is to eat!

Making The Perfect Make Neapolitan Pizza

Red Neapolitan flour is a structured flour with high protein. Made from a selection of the highest-quality grains, it is characterised by high extensibility, excellent volume during baking and softness. Using this flour will ensure your pizza is light, airy delightful. 


1000 g Farina Napoletana “00” sacco rosso (Neapolitan Flour)

670 g Water

28 gr of salt

3 Dry brewer's yeast

Mortadella Bologna I.g.p.

Semi-liquid Stracciatella "d'Andria" sauce

Curly Endive salad

Drops of Calabrian DOP vanilla olive oil

Citrus Timut pepper


1. Starting the Dough

Begin by combining all the water, salt and about 10% of the flour in a mixing machine. Start mixing, then add the yeast followed by the rest of the flour gradually.

2. Kneading the Dough

Allow the dough to knead for 12 minutes at a low speed and then for an additional minute at a higher speed.

3. First Rise

Let the dough undergo its initial rise in bulk for 24 hours at a controlled temperature of +4°C.

4. Forming Dough Balls

After the first rise, portion the dough into balls weighing 230 grams each.

5. Second Rise

Allow the dough balls to rise at room temperature for 5 to 6 hours, or until they have doubled in size.

6. Baking the Pizza

Bake the pizza in an oven preheated to 390°C for approximately 2 minutes.

Pairing Your Pizza

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Homemade Pizza with A Di Maria & Son 

Making pizza at home is a rewarding experience, especially when you use ingredients that bring the authentic flavours of Italy right to your kitchen. At A Di Maria & Son, we are proud to offer these premium ingredients and hope you enjoy the process of making and sharing your perfect pizza as much as we do.

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Buon appetito!