Italian Food Online, Recipe

Italian Food Online, Recipe

The classic marinara, so simple, yet so delicious! This easy step-by-step recipe will help you create the perfect marinara pizza – easy for anyone! You can find all the, Italian food online, on our website.

This dish is ideal for a light, summers lunch and will leave you feeling satisfied throughout the day. Adding anchovies to your marinara pizza creates the perfect sweet and salty combination against its tomato base.

A wood-burning oven is recommended to keep the authenticity, but a standard oven will work just as well. All of the ingredients listed in this recipe can be found on our website.

Ingredients you will need:

-Pizza flour

-Tomato sauce

- Anchovies

- Oregano 

- Olive oil

  • Firstly, combine the pizza flour with water, salt and yeast to create pizza dough.
  • Once formed, stretch your dough ball into the perfect pizza base – this should be approximately 11 inches in diameter
  • Evenly top with the tomato sauce
  • Season with oregano, chopped garlic, the anchovies, and a drizzle of olive oil

Then, using a floured pizza peel, manoeuvre the pizza into the wood burning oven and bake for around 90 seconds, turning regularly to ensure an evenly baked crust. Remove from oven and serve!