Cantuccini Almond, often simply referred to as Cantucci, is a traditional Italian biscuit that has gained international acclaim for its unique shape, crunchy texture, and delightful almond flavour. Hailing from the region of Tuscany, Cantuccini has become a beloved treat enjoyed worldwide.

These oblong-shaped cookies are characterized by their distinctive twice-baked preparation method, following the Italian tradition of "biscotto," which means "twice-cooked." The dough is typically made with a blend of flour, sugar, eggs, and whole almonds. The almonds contribute to the biscuit's pronounced nuttiness and texture, giving each bite a satisfying crunch.

The first round of baking results in a loaf or log shape, after which the Cantuccini is sliced diagonally into individual pieces. The slices are then arranged on the baking sheet and subjected to a second baking, creating a golden-brown exterior with a firm and crunchy texture. This unique preparation method makes Cantuccini well-suited for dipping into beverages like Vin Santo, coffee, or tea, as the cookies soften slightly upon immersion, enhancing their flavours.

Cantuccini Almond is often enjoyed on its own as a delightful snack but also pairs exceptionally well with a variety of drinks, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and crunch. The almond-studded cross-section of each biscuit is a visual testament to the quality of ingredients used in their creation.

Whether served during festive occasions, shared with friends, or savoured as an accompaniment to a comforting beverage, Cantuccini Almond embodies the essence of Italian culinary tradition, delivering a satisfying blend of nuttiness, sweetness, and texture that continues to captivate cookie enthusiasts worldwide.

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    Ingredients: Whole wheat flour (35%), Raw cane sugar, Almonds (20%), Pasteurized fresh eggs, Butter, (cows milk), Honey, Salt, Raising agent (bicarbonate) Natural flavourings. 


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