Serpentini is a unique and visually striking type of Italian pasta known for its spiral, serpentine shape, which resembles a coiled snake or a twisted corkscrew. The name "Serpentini" derives from the Italian word for snake, highlighting its distinctive, winding appearance. This pasta is typically made from durum wheat semolina, giving it a firm and chewy texture that holds up well during cooking.

The spiral shape of Serpentini makes it particularly effective at capturing and holding onto sauces, ensuring a flavourful bite every time. Its ridges and twists provide plenty of surface area for sauces to cling to, making it ideal for a wide range of dishes. Serpentini pairs well with both smooth and chunky sauces, including creamy Alfredo, marinara, pesto, and hearty meat ragùs.

In addition to its sauce-holding capabilities, Serpentini's playful and unusual shape makes it a favourite for adding visual interest to pasta salads, casseroles, and baked dishes. Its versatility and ability to pair with various ingredients and sauces make Serpentini a fun and delicious choice for both everyday meals and special occasions.

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    Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Contains: Gluten

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