"Tortiglioni Bronzo" refers to a type of pasta that is similar to rigatoni but typically larger and with a more pronounced spiral shape. The term "Bronzo" refers to the traditional method of extruding the pasta dough through bronze dies, which gives the pasta a slightly rough texture. This rough texture helps sauces cling better to the pasta, enhancing the overall flavor and texture of the dish.

Tortiglioni Bronzo is popular in Italian cuisine and is often used in dishes with hearty sauces, such as meat-based ragùs or creamy tomato sauces. Its large size and ridged shape make it ideal for holding thick sauces and capturing small pieces of ingredients. It can also be used in baked pasta dishes or pasta salads. The bronze extrusion process gives the pasta a slightly rustic appearance and a more authentic texture compared to pasta made with Teflon dyes. 

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