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14” Gas Fired Pizza Oven Carbonio

The Carbonio 14" pizza oven is my special edition design. This oven features a sleek retro shape with a luxury carbon fibre effect finish. It perfectl...
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14” Gas Fired Pizza Oven Modena

The exclusive design includes the iconic Italian flag decoration, along with retro shape in a sleek matte black finish.This exceptional pizza oven com...
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14” Gas Fired Pizza Oven Vesuvio

Achieve professional level authentic pizza in your own home. The Vesuvio pizza oven is incredibly quick to set up, and heats up in just 15 minutes. On...
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Alfresco Ember Oven with Peel

The Alfresco Chef Ember portable wood fired oven is a great addition for your home and outdoor cooking, giving your family, friends and guests the ful...
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Alfresco Naples Oven

The Alfresco Chef Naples oven offers the perfect introduction to authentic wood fired cooking. It gives would-be chefs, party hosts and their guests t...
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Digital Infrared Thermometer

This digital thermometer is so easy to use, simply point it towards the inside of your oven for a few moments before it accurately informs you of the ...
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