Anchovy Fillets in oil 550g

These small, salty fish are magnificently flavourful, lending a satisfying bite to pizza and tomato sauces. Savoury and succulent, anchovies are often...
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Seafood Salad Bel Campo 2kg

This seafood salad is packed with octopus, squid, mussel, cuttlefish, shrimp, peppers, olives, celeriac, carrots and celery.
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Tuna Fillets in Oil 200g

Tuna fillets in olive oil, Excellent Quality.INGREDIENTS: TUNA, OLIVE OIL, SALT.
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Tuna in sunflower oil 1.8kg

Tuna chunks in sunflower oil 1.8kg tin.Ingredients: Tuna (fish), Sunflower oil, Salt, Vegetable broth.
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