Experience the authentic taste and texture of Italy with our Mezze Maniche Bronzo Pasta. Crafted using traditional methods and high-quality durum wheat, this pasta is extruded through bronze dies to achieve its distinctive ridged texture. The rough surface of the pasta allows sauces to cling to every bite, ensuring a burst of flavour in every mouthful. Whether paired with a rich Bolognese sauce, a creamy carbonara, or tossed with fresh vegetables and olive oil, our Mezze Maniche Bronzo Pasta is sure to delight pasta lovers with its superior taste and texture. Elevate your culinary creations with this premium Italian pasta.

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    Riscossa Pasta

    Riscossa delivers directly to your home the aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean tradition. All he products offered are rich in taste and ensure a healthy and balanced diet, as they are prepared using simple and natural ingredients.  

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