Soft wheat flour type “00” with a very high protein content suitable for all indirect doughs with long maturation time at controlled temperature, where a particularly elastic and resistant gluten net is required. Excellent as refreshing flour for “Mother Yeast”. 

Moisture: max 15,5 %
Proteins: min 14,5 % (s.s.)
Ashes: 00 max 0,55 % (s.s.) 

Chopin Alveograph: W 410
Tollerance: -10/+30 P/L 0,60 - Tollerance: +-0,10 

Brabender Farinograph: Absorption min 60 % Stability min 17’ 

Brabender Amylograph: Amylogram 800/1200 u.a.

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    LE 5 STAGIONI pizza Flour

    Le 5 Stagioni flours have been designed and created to adapt to different needs of professionals.

    Working every day flours that can make pizza better, tastier and give pizza makers the opportunity to experiment.

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